About Me

It is I, gremlin. Wishing you a good morn, day, night, wherever

I'm Hanin and i like to tell stories! Outside drawing weird characters, I cooks, read Manga, watch anime, and practice Tai Chi Quan.
My background is in video games, the overlap allows for flexibility.

contact: [email protected]


Commission info for character art being reworked!
Payment done through PayPal. Email [ [email protected] ] for questions!

character art

All 3D projects can be viewed on sketchfab.


Unit Plague doctor (U-PLGDR)

Velvet the Dragon Princess

Velvet is a metroidvania-player character. the original design features her double jumping, projectiles, slice, control statues, and hover, though for the demo, i was able to implement most of them

redesign concepts

original design

A i s h a

A calm and mature idol of
sudanese heritage with vitiligo.

loki thievery

all assets made for a group project, an endless runner game. you play as Rubio, a descendant of Loki, who is running away from the Asguardians, Quartzo and Verido.



A series of figurines about bugs in the clothes of their origin.


season 2 of billy boy and joanna

genie au

Franco the blind dinosaur and their stand
[ De Do do do, De Da da da ]

greaser, likes orange juice, toy cars,
and going fast. weak to headpats

Cats doing things